Thursday, May 17, 2018

Organized Crafty Stash - Stamps

I hope you enjoyed the team's posts from yesterday. I love seing all the different ways that people organize their stamping items. I always pick up a few tips and end up implementing them into my system. Today, we are looking at stamp storage ideas.

I store my stamps in the InterDesign Refrigerator and Freezer Storage bins. I've been using this storage solution for the past few years and I love it. I currently have them sitting on top of my card stock organizers. I love having them in this location as I don't have to bend down to flip through them.

I have the stamps organized by the different MFT artists, our line of clear stamps are the largest section, then Birdie Brown, Laina Lamb, Lisa Johnson, and Pure Innocence. Each section is in alphabetical order.

Each of the stamps are stored in the Large Storage Pockets. I print out a sheet of each of the images and sentiments in the set and I place that in the storage pocket. This size of storage pocket is perfect for the 4x6 stamp sets. I like to have things uniform, so I keep all my stamps in this size of pocket. It makes it easier to flip through when they are all the same size. For my larger 4x8 sets, I cut sheets of acetate to fit these pockets. I transfer over the stamps to the acetate sheets. The one draw back of this method is that I no londer have the printed sticker sheet that comes with the stamps, but having them all the same height in my bins is worth it to me.

I label each of my stamp sets with the labels that are provided on the MFT website. We add a new file to the site for each release if you would like to use them.

For my stamp sets that have coordinating dies I store them with the stamp sets in the same pocket. I add two labels to the sets that include the dies.

If the dies have not been snipped apart I store them right in the pocket. Once they are snipped apart I sometimes store the smaller pieces in a small storage pocket within the larger one. I usually only do that when there are lots of little pieces.

I do use the Small Storage Pockets for my Pure Innocence stamp sets.

I store my background stamps in the InterDesign Linus Pullz Kitchen Bins. They are the perfect size for both the background stamps and stencils.

Each background is stored in a 6x6 Page Protecter, each one is labelled, and they are all stored in alphabetical order. I love this storage method as it is easy to flip through my backgrounds to find the ones that I am looking for.

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek at my stamp storage. Be sure to check out the MFT Blog to see how the rest of the team stores their stamps.

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  1. Julie I really like the way you've organized your inks and markers. Thanks for sharing!


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