Saturday, May 19, 2018

Organized Crafty Stash - Card Stock, Patterned Paper, and Felt

Are you ready to see how the MFT Design Team stores their card stock, felt and patterend papers? I know that most of us have more of it than we will ever use, so we need to find the best way to store all those gorgeous sheets.

I currently store my card stock in these paper organizers. I have four sets of them, for a total of 96 slots. I wasn't sure when I moved if I would continue to use this method, but I have quite a bit of room so I decided to keep it.

One of the things that I love about this system is that I can move the individual shelves around to have a taller stack, or multiple shorter ones. I like having that flexibility. I also like that I can see what I have at a glance.

In the first three columns, I have two colors of card stock in each slot. Each color of card stock is stored in a Vinyl Envelope, which has been labeled with the name of the card stock. I do store my scraps in these folders as well. I try to grab a scrap before using a full sheet so having them together helps force me to do this.

The right hand side of the unit is full of specialy card stock, watercolor paper, vellum, and acetate sheets. This side doesn't look as pretty as the colorful side, but it is still full of treasures.

I have two random columns in the room, and while I don't love the look of them, they are perfect for storing my larger papers and my backup Smart Grid Paper Pads.

For each of my patterned paper packs I print out a Color Chart from the MFT resources section. I adhered the sheet to a piece of gray card stock and slip it in 6 x 6 Page Protector.

I slide all my scraps from that patterned paper pack into the page protector. I look there first when I need a print.

My patterned paper is stored on a shelf on the side of my desk. Of course I store them in the Inter Design Linus Bins. I keep the page protector in front of each pack of card stock.

All my envelopes are stored in these really old Stampin' Up containers. I have had them forever, but they are the perfect size for envelopes.

I store the gorgeous new felt in the Inter Design Linus Bins that I use for everything! I seriously love these things. So far, I have kept the felt in the original packaging that they come in. Down the road I may switch them over to the way that Steph stores her felt. I LOVE that idea.

Don't you just love seeing all those pretty colors together?

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I store my card stock, patterned paper, and felt. Be sure to check out the MFT Blog to see the way the rest of the team stores their goodies.

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