Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stamp Set Storage & Organization

We are back today with stamp set organization and storage. I have stored stamps in a number of different ways over the years, and my latest set up is definitely my favourite. I store my clear stamps in double fridge bins. These are the perfect size for our storage pockets. My stamps are all stored by line, and they are in alphabetical order within each line.

I store all my stamps, except for the Pure Innocence ones, in the Large Storage Pockets.  For each set I print off the set graphic from the MFT site. I like to have the images printed for two reasons, the first is for easy identification of the images when I am picking images or sentiments. The other is so I can make sure all the images make it back into the pocket when I am done stamping. I tend to have multiple stamp sets out at once, and it can be a challenge figuring out where they all go at the end of a stamping session.

Each storage pocket is labelled with one of the labels from the MFT Resources section on the blog. If there are two labels on the pocket it indicates that the pocket also contains the coordinating dies. I like to cut apart my dies and I house them in the small storage pockets, which is placed inside the large storage pocket with the stamp set.

 Most MFT stamps come in either a 4x6 or a 4x8 size. The 4x6 stamp sets fit in the large storage pockets without any problems. The larger 4x8 sets take a little more work. For the larger sets, I cut two pieces of acetate to fit the storage pocket and place all the stamps on there. The stamps easily fit on the new sheets. I do use the smaller storage pockets for the Pure Innocence stamps.

My background stamps are stored in Fridge Storage Bins. These bins are just over six inches wide. I currently have two bins that are getting pretty full, so I am thinking I will need a new one soon. :)

The background stamps are again stored in alphabetical order. They are stored in 6x6 Page Protectors. Each stamp is labelled with a label downloaded from the MFT Resources section.

Be sure to check out the MFT Blog to see how the rest of the team organizes their stamps. I'll be back again tomorrow with my Die-namics storage.



  1. LOVE your double labeling idea - so clever to keep the dies in with the stamps:)

  2. Hi Julie, can you give me some insight as to how you printed the stamp cover for the stamp set? I love the idea of transferring my stamps to an acetate sheet that will fit inside the pocket...but I am having no luck in getting a stamp picture that's not so pixelated...thanks.

  3. I like the storage tips that were given, especially the stamp picture on the front. I have been perplexing for a few months on how to organize my Stamps & dies. Great ideas! I am surprised no one suggested using magnetic pages for storing the dies? If you organized by holidays, such, having small photo albums really are practical and are neat tidy on the shelf.

  4. I like magnetic pages for my small dies. They slip in easily in my stamp pocket!

  5. I like magnetic pages for my small dies. They slip in easily in my stamp pocket!

  6. Love the idea of cutting new acetate and copying the stamp cover for the front. Now I can just buy the one size for all my stamps. I also like the 6x6 stamp storage. I think if I do it this way and keep it on my desk I will use them much more. Thanks for the great ideas!

  7. Love your idea for storing the 4x8 stamp sets. I kind of forget about mine because they don't fit in with my other stamps. I think I'm going to make this a project right away! Thanks for sharing. :)


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