Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Die-namics Storage & Organization

Welcome back to another day of storage and organization tips. Our topic today is dies!  My dies sit in my Expedit shelving unit from Ikea. I have the desk extension for the Expedit unit and that is where I keep my die-cutting machine, paper trimmer, and my printer. My stamps sit on the top shelves and the dies on the bottom shelves.

I store my Die-namics in the double fridge bins. I have two of these double bins that house all my current MFT Die-namics. I have all of my retired dies stored in boxes in my large craft closet. :)

All of my dies are stored in the Large Storage Pockets. Each set of dies is in it's own pocket. I cut a piece of Black Licorice card stock for each pocket. I die cut a piece of Sweet Tooth or Bubblegum card stock for each die in the set.  The die-cuts are all adhered to the Black Licorice card stock.

It definitely takes me some time to do this for each set, but I find it immensely helpful when I am putting dies back after a crafting session. I tend to be a messy crafter and I often have 20 plus sets of dies on my desk and putting them back can be a challenge. I also find it helps me when I am choosing what dies I want to use when creating a project.

 Each pocket is labeled with a label that I download from the MFT Blog resources section. These labels are provided with every release and they are a huge help in keeping me organized.

I store all my dies in the Large Storage Pockets even if they would fit in the smaller one because I like them all being the same height. I find it is easier to flip through them when they are all the same.

The bin I am sharing with you is well organized, the other bin is not! It is a project that I am still working on. I haven't yet found a way that I want to organize them so they make sense for me. I'm hoping a few of my team members share some good ideas today! The dies that are in the organized bins are the ones that I use the most, they include all the STAX and Blueprints dies which are always a go to for me!

I shared yesterday that if the dies have a coordinating stamp set, I store them in a Small Storage Pocket inside of the Large Storage Pocket that also houses the stamp set. 

Be sure to check out the MFT Blog to see how the rest of the design team organizes their dies. I know the ladies all have fabulous systems to share!



  1. I love, love your organizational system! I'm ready to get down in my craft room and really do some organizing! It makes a lot of sense to die cut all of the die sets when they come in so that you know when you see it what you need for a card, etc. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. LOVE your storage ideas of die cutting your dies and keeping them with the dies so that you know what they look like. Also love your plastic storage pockets. I will have to get some of those too:)

  3. Are the clear bins from Ikea, Julie?

    1. Hi Leigh! They are fridge bins that I purchased on Amazon. Jennifer McGuire recommended them a year or two ago. I LOVE them!

      InterDesign Fridge and Freezer Storage Bin, 12-Inch by 4-Inch by 14.5-Inch, 2 Pack

  4. Now that is a neat die cut the set and store with the dies. I don't have as many cutting dies so it would not take me too long to start and complete this project. Thank you!!!!

  5. Julie.... I die cut and use as a sample for future cutting, but what you've done, that I'll use in my organization is using at least two colors. I only use one and it "ain't" easy to see. Thank you so very, very much for sharing.

  6. Ooooh got to stock up on black licorice, bubble gum, and sweet tooth card stock! Love displaying the dies like that!


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