Friday, February 12, 2016

Craft Room Organization

We've come to our last day of our organization week, I hope you have all enjoyed the peek into our stamping spaces. Today we are sharing an overview of our stamping areas. My stamping area is in a corner of a bedroom, it isn't a whole room.

Along one wall I have my large tower of paper, and a few Expedit Units in a couple of different sizes. The one in the middle has a desk attached to it. On that desk I have my paper trimmer, die-cutting machine, and my printer.

This is the view when you walk into the room. I am fortunate to have a wall of windows in this room so I get lots of great light to stamp by. Well, I do when I stamp during the day! I have two stamping desks, I stamp at one, the other houses my die-cutting machine and paper trimmer. I also have my work desk off to the right of my stamping desk. I will admit that some days all three desks are completely full of stamps, dies, paper, and mess! LOL

I like to have all my toosl in reach when I stamp. This unit sits right beside my desk. It houses my background stamps, stencils, 12X12 specialty papers, embellishments, all my tools and adhesives.

On top of the unit I have my stash of glitters and coloured embossing powders. I also have a jar full of micro beads and Prills for shaker cards.

 On my desk I have a small plastic container that was designed for use in the kitchen, I use it to store the stamps and dies for the current MFT Release. I also store my Scor Tape and foam tape in the front of the holder. Beside it sits my two MISTI's, (yes I have two, one for stamping and one just for background stamps) and my small scor-board. At the end of my desk I have a large white board where I hang up a print out of upcoming MFT sketches and Color Challenges.

One of my favourite things in my room is my color cart. This cart is filled with inks, sprays, paints, gelatos, mixed media mediums, and all sorts of fun stuff! The cart normally sits in my large walk in craft closet, but when I am having a stamping session I bring it out.

Thanks again for joining us this week. I hope we have inspired you to organize your crafty space. We would love to see pictures of your space, you can upload them to the MFT Facebook groups any time. Be sure to check out the MFT Blog to see a few more rooms.


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Card Stock and Patterned Paper Storage

I hope you have been enjoying our series on organization. Every time we do one of these series I find new ideas from the team that I want to try! Today we are looking at card stock and patterned paper. 

I store my card stock in four of these Storex 24 Compartment Literature Organizers. I had looked at a number of different options, and finally decided on these and I love them! One of my favourite things about them is that I can switch up the configuration of them depending on my needs. This is how my paper is currently stored. The stack is probably close to 7 feet high.

Last year when we did a feature on organization I had three sets of units and they were placed side by side on top of my Expedit units. We added a bunch of new colors of card stock this year and I needed another set of units and I ended up going vertical. :)

 I store one color of card stock in each slot. On top of the pile of card stock I have a page protector labeled with the name of the color. I store all my scraps for that color in the page protector. I love having my scraps with the full sheets of card stock, I find it helps me to use the scraps up first instead of reaching for full sheets.

I have a few slots that are used for my speciality papers. Below is a picture of my Silver slot. I store these papers in their original packaging. I use my label maker to label each pack for easy identification.

I store my 6x6 patterned paper packs in the clear fridge bins. These are the same bins that I use for my background stamps and stencils. When I purchase a paper pack I always buy two of them, because there is always one print that I use more than the others and I don't like running out of it. The pads are all in alphabetical order and they are separated by dividers.

To create the dividers I print off the Patterned Paper Packs Reference Guides from the MFT Blog. These can be found in the Resources Section. There are two sizes available, I use the 5 3/4" square size. I cut the printable down to the 5 3/4 square and then I adhere it to a piece of grey card stock. This is then slid into one of the 6x6 Page Protectors.

I keep this divider in front of each different paper pack. I love knowing exactly what colors of card stock coordinate with the patterned paper.  I also use the divider pocket to store my scraps of patterned paper. I can look in the pocket to see if I have a scrap available before I grab a full piece of paper.

Thank you for joining me again today. Be sure to check out the MFT Blog to see how the rest of the team stores their paper. Be sure to come back tomorrow as we will be sharing a peek of our stamping areas.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Die-namics Storage & Organization

Welcome back to another day of storage and organization tips. Our topic today is dies!  My dies sit in my Expedit shelving unit from Ikea. I have the desk extension for the Expedit unit and that is where I keep my die-cutting machine, paper trimmer, and my printer. My stamps sit on the top shelves and the dies on the bottom shelves.

I store my Die-namics in the double fridge bins. I have two of these double bins that house all my current MFT Die-namics. I have all of my retired dies stored in boxes in my large craft closet. :)

All of my dies are stored in the Large Storage Pockets. Each set of dies is in it's own pocket. I cut a piece of Black Licorice card stock for each pocket. I die cut a piece of Sweet Tooth or Bubblegum card stock for each die in the set.  The die-cuts are all adhered to the Black Licorice card stock.

It definitely takes me some time to do this for each set, but I find it immensely helpful when I am putting dies back after a crafting session. I tend to be a messy crafter and I often have 20 plus sets of dies on my desk and putting them back can be a challenge. I also find it helps me when I am choosing what dies I want to use when creating a project.

 Each pocket is labeled with a label that I download from the MFT Blog resources section. These labels are provided with every release and they are a huge help in keeping me organized.

I store all my dies in the Large Storage Pockets even if they would fit in the smaller one because I like them all being the same height. I find it is easier to flip through them when they are all the same.

The bin I am sharing with you is well organized, the other bin is not! It is a project that I am still working on. I haven't yet found a way that I want to organize them so they make sense for me. I'm hoping a few of my team members share some good ideas today! The dies that are in the organized bins are the ones that I use the most, they include all the STAX and Blueprints dies which are always a go to for me!

I shared yesterday that if the dies have a coordinating stamp set, I store them in a Small Storage Pocket inside of the Large Storage Pocket that also houses the stamp set. 

Be sure to check out the MFT Blog to see how the rest of the design team organizes their dies. I know the ladies all have fabulous systems to share!


I Love You

It's time for another Wednesday Sketch Challenge on the MFT Challenge Blog. As you can see I went for a bit of a Valentines theme this week. I paired the Stitched Heart STAX Die-namics with Cotton Candy card stock. The Stitched Traditional Tags STAX Die-namics was stamped with the Romantic Script Background in Latte Premium Dye Ink.  I used a few touches of black on this card to help make everything pop. 

The gorgeous patterned paper is from the Lucky Prints Pattern Paper collection. I just love all the prints in that pack! The sentiment is from the Whimsical Greetings stamp set.

Be sure to check out the MFT Challenge Blog to see all the gorgeous creations the design team has to share with you.



Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stamp Set Storage & Organization

We are back today with stamp set organization and storage. I have stored stamps in a number of different ways over the years, and my latest set up is definitely my favourite. I store my clear stamps in double fridge bins. These are the perfect size for our storage pockets. My stamps are all stored by line, and they are in alphabetical order within each line.

I store all my stamps, except for the Pure Innocence ones, in the Large Storage Pockets.  For each set I print off the set graphic from the MFT site. I like to have the images printed for two reasons, the first is for easy identification of the images when I am picking images or sentiments. The other is so I can make sure all the images make it back into the pocket when I am done stamping. I tend to have multiple stamp sets out at once, and it can be a challenge figuring out where they all go at the end of a stamping session.

Each storage pocket is labelled with one of the labels from the MFT Resources section on the blog. If there are two labels on the pocket it indicates that the pocket also contains the coordinating dies. I like to cut apart my dies and I house them in the small storage pockets, which is placed inside the large storage pocket with the stamp set.

 Most MFT stamps come in either a 4x6 or a 4x8 size. The 4x6 stamp sets fit in the large storage pockets without any problems. The larger 4x8 sets take a little more work. For the larger sets, I cut two pieces of acetate to fit the storage pocket and place all the stamps on there. The stamps easily fit on the new sheets. I do use the smaller storage pockets for the Pure Innocence stamps.

My background stamps are stored in Fridge Storage Bins. These bins are just over six inches wide. I currently have two bins that are getting pretty full, so I am thinking I will need a new one soon. :)

The background stamps are again stored in alphabetical order. They are stored in 6x6 Page Protectors. Each stamp is labelled with a label downloaded from the MFT Resources section.

Be sure to check out the MFT Blog to see how the rest of the team organizes their stamps. I'll be back again tomorrow with my Die-namics storage.